ingri benson
I primarily use thread and fabric as my art medium. In my art I strive and struggle to visually communicate my longing and journey to reconnect with the universal energy; the issues and distractions that hinder that unity.  The amount of time textile work takes to make gives me plenty of time to digest the concept and process it.  I have been pulled towards abstract expression which leaves the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own connections and terms. 
While our exact circumstances may not be the same, we all can relate to the pain of relationship dissolution, childhood pain held too long, social invisibility and the pressing need to save ourselves through re-invention.
My new work is based on getting lost in the dark forest of the mind, surrounded by negative thoughts and loneliness only to find that one spark to move towards.
 What's important in sharing my visual pieces is to connect our humanity and spark conversation; do you have similar feelings, distractions, desires, wonders and questions, remembered longings?